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about me
I'm Gin, and you should add me, because I post music spam, chatlogs of hilarity, and occasionally a treatise on Nick Jonas' hair and Saint Christopher Colfer's angelic bone structure. Don't miss out on those, they're earth-shattering. I write from time to time, but mostly I sit around capslocking and enjoying my hatefulness.

For those interested, my fic can be found via my fic tag, or at my Archive Of Our Own page.

I'm not to be confused with [info]back_in_black (aka Nep), who is my best friend and the most vile person on the planet. Proof:

Gin: what nicknames do I have
Gin: like, aside from Gin
Nep: skank?

Dyiiiiing. Who made this? I don't even care how lame it is, it slays me.

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